Technology has a purpose. To make business life simpler, easier, more productive. Yet for many businesses it can hamper them, leading to frustration and many spot fires.

Not if you are with Caramel. We return the time that IT used to consume. So you can focus on more valuable tasks.

Where am I?
At the beginning of designing your own IT, just how you want it to be. 

Why us?
An entirely customised IT service. A dedicated team that know your business, your people, your technology. We want to get things fixed and so do you.

What is the real cost of distraction?
Trying to fix your own IT issues is a distraction from your real job. Dragging a colleague just doubles that cost. For an immediate expert response, it’s better to contact us!

Are we relevant to you?
Is your people’s time valuable? We resolve 74% of all IT issues there and then on the phone. A further 23% within 12 hrs. The final 3% take a little longer.

Where to from here?
It all starts with a conversation.... call or contact us today.

Rewriting the rules of business IT

Continually having to explain your business to a new person
Your very own dedicated team of IT experts
1 hour response for this, 2 hours for that
Immediate help for all your staff
Call a general helpdesk and press 1
Your own dedicated 1300 number
How did that Excel formula go?
Ask anything related to technology
Ask the colleague next to you
Free up time to focus on business

...Yes, really!

What we offer

The 3 core services that epitomise how we help


Freeing up staff – increasing productivity

Not having to have staff who are IT savvy has freed up so much of our internal resources to focus on more important things. They can take over a session and in a matter of moments see the exact error, over a month saving us many, many hours of time"

Clive Hempel, Wakefield Council

Saving us so much money

"Instead of us having to try and work out IT issues, we just contact them and they take care of it, leaving us to get on with our daily work load.

Being on a package has saved us so much money.  Before using Caramel we were paying for each IT visit, whether the issue was fixed or not, and more often than not, it wasn’t.  Now we know what our IT costs are and Caramel’s expertise mean issues get fixed"


Jodi Foreman, Ware Products

Get in touch

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