Frequently Asked Questions

When Samantha Gilbert started Caramel she had seen IT from many different angles – as a Consumer, as part of an Internal IT Department using External IT Providers, and as an External Service Provider.

Service Questions

What types of questions can we call Caramel for?

Your entire team calls Caramel for anything they’d call an internal IT Department for. We don’t just provide support, but also help – e.g. with Adobe, Excel formulas, and better ways to achieve day-to-day tasks – our job is to support your entire team to complete their work effectively, and return time to your organisation.

We need only one/some of 6 Steps, can we do just those?

No. We know from experience that the 6 steps only work when done in order, and completely. 80% of major IT projects fail if they’re not – So we wouldn’t do that to you (or us)!

Do we still need an IT Coordinator/IT Manager

No. Caramel provides this management level function and reporting for you, in a consistent, structured way. If your IT Coordinator has a primary role (for example accounting or office management), we will free them up to focus on their primary role.

Will you work with our existing IT Department?

No. We replace internal IT Departments and measurably outperform them, so it doesn’t make sense for you to pay for both.

Will you hire our existing IT Department?

Possibly. This is our preference, however please be aware we have strict hiring criteria; each person will be selected (or not) based on those criteria. We’re happy to discuss this in detail.

Will you work with our Software/Information Systems Department?

Yes! We don’t perform this function and will absolutely look to coordinate our efforts with your IS or Software Development team.

Caramel Company Questions

Do you work with organisations <25 seats?

Sometimes – only if we believe we can provide value. Often organisations under 25 seats want to run the IT themselves. Our job is to return this time to you. So if it’s time to hand over the IT to your own skilled Caramel IT Team, or you need help to achieve big plans, then let’s talk.

Do you work with organisations >250 seats?

Caramel’s proprietary process requires that distinct IT teams at Caramel each work with several customers, so we always have fresh experiences and new ideas which translate across industries. For customers larger than 250 seats, we lose the advantage of diversity. There are some cases where we can support clients larger than 250 seats, which we can discuss in person.

Where are you based

We build dedicated IT Teams for customers according to their office locations. Currently we have Caramelites in Victoria and South Australia and have a proven model to grow into new areas as the need arises.

Do you outsource overseas?

No. We believe very strongly in investing in and training Caramel employees, which enables us to control the quality of our processes. We do not outsource to other parties.

Supply of IT Equipment and Extra Services

Do you provide Cloud/Mobile Workforce/IP Telephony/etc?

Yes. To do so we focus on understanding your business drivers, working with you to ensure the solution delivers the desired outcomes and return.

Do you supply hardware/software?

Yes, however we do this for the convenience of clients, not as a revenue-raising activity – Caramel generates profits from providing excellent services, not from selling things. We believe this is the way it should be, to guarantee unbiased advice. We have no sales targets, and never will.

What’s your preferred brand (Dell/HP/IBM/Cisco/etc.)?

None. We’re partners with most vendors, however we’re not allied to any particular provider. Our job is to act on behalf of customers as their IT department, so we focus on recommending the right technology for the desired outcome.

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