Your Caramel Team offers a suite of IT Services, all included, at no extra cost. Follow the industry leaders in outsourcing your IT to boost your business’s productivity and reduce your expenses

Back Up Management, Monitoring and Administration

At Caramel we are prepared for anything, even the worst-case scenario in data issues. This is why we design and develop our Back Up Systems – to cope with your worst nightmare.

Security Patches and Anti-Malware

This protocol encompasses protection for your organisation via several crucial areas of your business including; Web Filtering, Email Filtering, PC & Server Security Patches, Anti-Malware Software, Employee Education, Unauthorised Device Usage and more.

Hardware Provision

Not all situations call for replacement hardware – so at Caramel we recommend replacing only that which you need to in order to get the very best out of your budget and your technology.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery is about what you do in the event that your IT fails. A disrupted IT Service could mean costly downtime for your payroll, your production or your whole network, and your business could actually grind to a halt. All businesses need to plan for Disaster Recovery.

Help Desk and Dashboard

Imagine having a direct phone number for your organisation to call, just for your IT Support, and having that phone call answered within 60 seconds or less, every time. No call waiting or menus, just your own dedicated Caramel IT Team.

IT Strategy Design

We know that the best laid plans in IT are often not realised as quickly as the business demands. This can result in costly employee downtime and workarounds for your staff as they struggle to sort out the IT problems themselves.

Technology and Asset Management

Your IT assets include all your business’s software and hardware – and this is the backbone of your business. Without IT your business can cease to function.

Network Administration

Your Caramelised IT Network is designed so that you don’t notice it working in the background.

Everything is fast, optimised, efficient and easy to use, helping your team to get on with the business they do best. We provide total transparency on your own Caramel Dashboard.

Managed Services

Some IT companies present ‘Managed Services’ as an all-encompassing solution. At Caramel we know this meets only part of the IT needs of your organisation.


Why is the Cloud so confusing? Because the Cloud isn’t one thing – it’s an umbrella term that covers several different things.

Is Caramel right for your Organisation?

We specialise in:

  • We specialise in small & medium businesses up to 250 seats
  • Consistent support to metro, regional, and remote areas
  • Culture-based teamwork with a high level of accountability

Our Industries:

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Local Government
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Health or Aged Care
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Training Institutes
  • Mining and Supporting Industries

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