Back Up Management, Monitoring and Administration

If you have ever experienced a Back Up fail or lost Data, then finding a company that reliably manages you Business’s Back Ups is within your reach.

At Caramel we are prepared for anything, even the worst-case scenario in Data issues. This is why we design and develop our Back Up Systems – to cope with your worst nightmare.

All businesses have a degree of vulnerability and we hear many horror stories about incomplete Back Ups, full system shut downs and the financial cost of faulty Back Ups.

The Caramel Team advises on and manages a business’s Data Back Up. Through constant monitoring – in some cases involving new Back Ups every hour – we ensure that in the very worst scenario, only one hour of Data is lost across your entire Business.

This helps you to protect your Business from minor disasters to full-blown IT meltdowns.

Caramel gets to know your Business so we can create a specific online or offline Data Back Up Plan for you and your Team. This not only prevents Data loss but also helps you meet your own business goals and uptime targets.

Your Team can focus on the business of working, with peace of mind about the safety of your IT Infrastructure and Data.

Some businesses don’t even realise that their Back Up is not working and may not have been accurately or fully backing up for some months, or longer. Incomplete or faulty Back Ups are only revealed at crisis point, when Data is lost and often not recoverable!

Caramel understands that there isn’t a standard, one-size-fits-all solution for every business. We advise our Clients on the best IT Back UP Solution for their business after learning what their specific needs are. Data Back Ups can be on-premise, online to the Cloud or off-premise. The best option for your Business is dictated by your Business’s specific needs.

Technology is always changing and Caramel is ahead of the rest. Our approach to storing Data and ensuring your Back Up processes are infallible gives you complete confidence in our ability to look after your Systems.

Designing your Data Back Up Plan is all part of our unique 6 Step Process, and is an integral part of the Managed Services that Caramel provide all our Clients. A Back Up Plan should never be an ‘optional add-on’ for an extra fee.

At Caramel your vital Back Up Plan is included in our Services, and is prioritised for the health of your Business, no matter what sector you work in. Make the decision for reliable Back Up so your Business is never at risk of a full shut down.

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