Hardware Provision

Caramel can provide all your new Equipment and Hardware to enable the very best Service provision of your IT.

Not all situations call for replacement hardware – so at Caramel we recommend replacing only that which you need in order to get the very best out of your budget and your technology. If you have Hardware that fits with the IT Performance you need, then it stays!

After a lengthy Discovery and Technology Audit (at no extra cost), Caramel prepare our Recommendations on what is required to meet the current and future needs of your Business, linking to both your business goals and IT Strategies.

We provide a written quote with specified and recommended items, but if you prefer you are welcome to go shopping and select your own Hardware.

We can even provide special pricing options for our Not-for-Profit Clients.

The provision of Hardware is designed to enable your IT to support a whole business transformation and maximise your Team’s efficiency.

Call Caramel now to arrange a Discovery Discussion and Free Consultation, and ask us how to future proof your Business.

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