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Why wouldn’t your Business love local, unlimited IT Support and complete accountability from your IT Team?

Imagine having a personalised phone number to call, just for your IT Support, and having that phone call answered within 60 seconds or less, every time. No call waiting or menus, just your own dedicated Caramel IT Team.

All calls are answered in Australia, by your Caramel Team!

Imagine having nearly all your IT queries solved on the spot, in that first phone call. Imagine your Team not losing any time on IT issues, and being able to get back to work straight away with an IT Solution.

This is not a dream.  At Caramel, this is a reality.

We aren’t like other IT Companies; our focus is on providing your Business with a Local Team that intimately knows the network and computers your Business uses, enabling most IT Solutions almost immediately.

The Team at Caramel understands that not all our Clients are super IT savvy. It is our job to be the link between the mystery of IT and the creation of a ‘well-oiled’ IT Support mechanism for your Business.

We have developed our own unique pathway method of IT Issue Resolution which follows our 6 Step Process called Caramelising ™.

Caramel provide all the IT Support your Business needs; our expert Team can set up everything from Networks to Servers, run Diagnostic Tests, install new Software, provide an elite Help Desk, and clean up your Systems and IT issues. We even help install new printers and monitor Smart Devices.

And you can see what’s happening with your IT at all times via the Caramel Dashboard. Your Dashboard will show you tickets in work, deadlines, issues, Staff calls and more. The Dashboard gives you perfect visibility of your Caramel IT Team; a transparency often lacking in other Providers.

At Caramel we take your trust and IT accountability very seriously and have built our reputation on timely, thorough IT Solutions.

We work to a set budget so you can plan your IT spend without any expensive surprises and we help you become the IT Hero that every business needs to be.

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