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Many of our Clients come to us when their business is in crisis. The crisis usually links back to either a lack of IT Strategy or an IT System that has simply evolved over time without any real planning in place to continue meeting the business’s needs.

We know that sometimes the best laid plans in IT are often not realised as quickly as the business demands. This can result in costly employee downtime and workarounds for your Staff while they struggle to sort out the IT problems themselves.

We get it, and we fix it. IT Strategy is a fundamental part of your overall business strategy and your business plans will inform how Caramel put your IT Network in place.

Our first step with any new Client is a focus on gaining a deep understanding of their particular business, including core functions, critical systems and processes, growth plans and operational needs. Caramel also provides your own highly-skilled IT Strategy Manager, at no additional cost, for the life of your contract!

This enables Caramel to immediately identify the ‘quick wins’ while charting a Technology Strategy for consistent uptime and minimal disruption to your Team; also being mindful of the changing needs of the business and future growth plans.

Caramel conduct an extensive Audit and Discovery Phase to identify exactly what is required for your Business and where the best improvements can be made. The good news is that many of the issues we encounter can be solved at no additional cost.

The information captured during this phase and our ongoing Consultations with you, ensure that we create the best possible IT Strategy for consistent performance, uptime and reliability.

One of the hidden costs of inadequate IT Strategy can be measured by the time your Staff spend monitoring, administering and following up IT issues. A tell-tale sign is seeing how often your Team internally discuss and tinker with their IT issues. This has massive financial and cultural implications for any organisation.

The impacts of poor IT Provision and Strategy include;

  • Your Staff not being able to focus on their core roles due to over-investment in IT issues.
  • Your staff becoming stressed due to constant IT issues.
  • Your Staff becoming demoralised and unmotivated due to the inability to see a resolution to the IT issues.

Caramel have re-designed the way IT Provision and Service are delivered to our Clients, so your Team can spend their time focusing on what they do best and leave all their IT concerns with Caramel.

Call Caramel and get your IT Strategy aligned to your business goals.

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