Network Administration

Imagine smooth, reliable Network Administration and Managed Services empowering your Business (without you monitoring it all the time!).

Your Caramelised IT Network is designed so that you don’t notice it working in the background.

Everything is fast, optimised, efficient and easy to use, helping your Team to get on with the business they do best. We provide total transparency on your own Caramel Dashboard.

We proudly boast that our Clients have experienced 99.8% average uptime in the past 10 years!

At Caramel, we oversee all aspects of your Network Setup Strategy, ensuring all components are specific to the needs of your Organisation, whether it be Monitoring, Network Maintenance or Network Service Support.

We make IT easy for you. Our highly skilled Team provide IT Strategy, Network Administration, Asset and Technology Management and more, all included in the signature Caramel Service.

Caramel work to a budget. When Caramel are managing your Network, it means you can meet your IT budget, and lower your Staff’s downtime due to network issues. Our unique model is fully budgetable, and the increase in performance and deliverables is measurable.

Imagine your IT on budget with improved efficiency and total transparency. What a wonderful gift to your Business.

Ultimately, having a well designed IT Network means there are less problems and more work time, and a better office culture as a consequence of the IT obstacles being removed.

We analyse and optimise your Network to get the best output possible and make all aspects of your IT smoother and more efficient. This includes emails, data storage, back ups, even mapping your printer, plus an exemplary Help Desk (all based in Australia).

Caramel’s suite of Services includes Software and Hardware Updates, Management of your IT License Agreements and Assets with unlimited Help Desk Support. All of this is underpinned by our Caramel Support Team who are ready to answer your calls within 60 seconds; no call queueing or menus, just direct, immediate help for all your business’s IT needs.

Our IT Discovery Process hones into your network needs. Then Caramel maximises your IT efficiency, while minimising costs and downtime.

Whether it’s Firewalls or Private Networks, Network Consulting or Installing the entire Network Infrastructure, we design your Network for now and for your future.

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