Technology and Asset Management

  It’s really important to make sure your IT Assets are well managed.

Your IT Assets include all your Business’s Software and Hardware – and this is the backbone of your business. Without IT, your Business can cease to function.

So you really need an IT Partner that manages your IT Assets as part of the Service, without any extra costs.

And you need an experienced IT Provider that has a robust process of tracking and monitoring everything for you, from licenses to updates and warranties.

If your licenses expire, it can result in potential penalties creating unbudgeted license expenses for your Business.

When Caramel onboard a new Client, we conduct a thorough IT Audit to make sure that your Business has maintained continuous Software License Compliance and most importantly, Caramel ensure that you and your Team don’t experience any disruption to your service.

We also manage your Hardware. Caramel liaise with product suppliers on your behalf, enabling all your Hardware Repair and Maintenance.

At Caramel, it’s all part of the Service.

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