Let’s look further…

30 years ago the IT industry was so new it believed no existing service models applied.

Now IT providers and departments still look to each other for solutions to their service challenges, and ignore the knowledge in other industries.

Caramel believes this is blinkered, and that a lot that can be learned from other industries, who long ago solved their service challenges.

In the beginning…

Caramel founder and CEO Samantha Gilbert started her career as the first State Public Service IT Trainee in South Australia 20 years ago, working in Parliament House, Premier’s Office, State Tax, and the Department of Treasury. She went on to work in private IT supporting businesses including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Department of Childhood Development, SA Health, and SA Police.

“When I started Caramel I had seen IT from many different angles… as a consumer… as part of an internal IT department, and as an external service provider.

A new way

“What I noticed was whenever we had a service delivery problem, we looked to other IT departments or IT service providers for how they had solved that problem, never realising that those other providers also hadn’t really solved the problem either! I decided the only way to find the answer must be to look outside of the IT industry…

“When we looked to other industries – especially other complex technical industries – we realised that in every case the established industries had encountered similar challenges as the IT industry, but had arrived at vastly different solutions. The result is Caramel has a proprietary service delivery model which feels vastly different, more integrated, and more effective than the archetypal IT models.”

Who we are


“To return time to our clients.”

The purpose of technology in business is to enable people to do more, in less time, with less effort. The “with less effort” is important and it’s too often forgotten.

Technology used properly helps us leverage our time – our most valuable asset. With technology we can make better businesses and a better world.

How We Behave

At Caramel our values are how we behave – Uniformly towards clients, employees, managers, suppliers, and peers.

  1. Pragmatic and effective – We believe good data and a clear method will deliver consistent results
  2. We are gracious, likeable, and caring towards others
  3. We are respectful of ourselves and others, and transparent and honest in our interactions