Caramel Shield

Enterprise level protection for South Australian businesses

Cybersecurity is a very real threat facing businesses of all sizes. It is a board level responsibility with directors carrying a legal duty to ensure the protection of the business. Finally, there is now mandatory reporting of data breaches.

The brand damage and remediation costs for cyber-crime are high.

Yet in Australia, it is small and medium-sized businesses that are most exposed

  • 46% of cybercrime is aimed at all small businesses.
  • 71% of all successful data breaches take place in small businesses.
  • The average cost of a data breach for a small to mid-sized business is a staggering $5 million.
  • 65% of small businesses that are hit by a cyber-crime shut within 6 months.

Yet in spite of the headlines small business owners still do their best ostrich impressions – by burying their head in the sand uttering the immortal lines that it won’t happen to me.

71% of small business owners admit to lacking confidence in their current cybersecurity measures.

Caramel shield – offers you 6 layers of micro-mesh security giving you titanium strength protection.

6 layers of protection at each and every point your organisation can be attacked.

You get the security enjoyed by a large firm at a fraction of the cost.

To find out how we can help start with our Security Audit.

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Free ½ hr strategic IT consultation

An in depth review with one of our senior engineers of your business IT providing an expert analysis of where it is falling short and how it can be improved.

High level SWOT analysis – of your current IT platforms, staff impact, IT governance and associated business processes.

Uncover the Hidden Costs – most organisations are riddled with cost leakages because of underperforming IT services.

Powerful Insight to go forward – tools, metrics and recommendations to understand where your current IT service and business processes are exposed and how to fix them.