Cloud technology – giving you the flexibility and accessibility for a modern workforce.

The internet changed everything. Especially expectations. Your people expect to be able to access business data from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

As a result, more and more organisations are moving their businesses to the cloud.

The organisational benefits are profound

  • Cheaper - much lower hardware costs – no need for servers and powerful computing devices.
  • Responsive – scale up or down as your business needs to. 
  • Flexibility - enable your people to work anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Collaborate on projects from multiple sites – reduced travel costs and increased effectiveness.
  • Enterprise level back-up and disaster recovery – all for a low monthly fee.

In fact, Caramel is itself a cloud-based business working with a dispersed workforce across 3 states and serving a national client base. So we are big fans and experts in this area.

We have built private cloud systems for our clients as well as hybrid on-site / data centre – solutions which have delivered major business benefits.

But beware the evangelists – there are a number of significant issues to consider before jumping on the bandwagon:

Legacy systems

How many of your current older systems and software can be successfully migrated to the cloud? Does there need to be a redundancy process and data –migration along with a change management process?

How this is managed will be critical to your success – or very costly.

Internet connection

Cloud-based applications, storage, and security systems depend on a fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Any variability can leave your business exposed to lost productivity, lost data and lost work.

The hidden issue most businesses overlook here is the disaster recovery programme in case internet connections are lost.

Processing Power

High-end industry-specific applications can require huge amounts of processing power and data storage. In which case, it is critical that you conduct a robust business and technology audit first.

Your business could become hamstrung by the cloud. It simply is not fast enough and powerful enough to cope.

Nonetheless, the cloud can be a real benefit to your business leaving you more nimble and saving money.

To find out more call 1300 559 100 and ask to speak with Jim Lund, our senior engineer that heads up the cloud team.

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